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Live Like London Foundation


To Live Like London means you always seek ways to do good for others in your daily actions.  To live like London means- To never be afraid and to truly Go For it, take that chance, make everything an adventure because the greatest things in life are what you experience! #LIVELIKELONDON💜


The foundation was established to help families in the unfortunate situation of having a family member in a traumatic accident; to improve the access and ease of seeking urgent care second opinions; and to assist families with improved victim services.


The goal of the foundation is not just about raising money, but about making a difference.  Through the kindness of those that loved London – she has had the following impact…imagine what more we could do!
  • Two people received the gift of sight from London as an organ donor – link to CorneaGen website
  • Knight-thon (a dance marathon for the Children’s Miracle Network – London’s PASSION – almost $20,000 raised – DONATE HERE
  • Over $1400 donated to Rehoboth United Methodist Church
  • Over $2000 donated to Kappa Kappa Foundation program – Rose McGill
  • Successful fundraiser at Polliwog’s all donated to Knight- Thon
Most importantly is your actions by - Paying it Forward