Please help us continue our mission.


Examples of the blessings your donations provided:

  • Over $60,000 has been given to families in need
  • Transportation for a family to travel to Houston for special treatment
  • from cancer
  • Helped two families replace items and find permanent housing after their
    house burned down
  • Hotel expenses for a family member traveling to a funeral in Florida
  • Food and income replacement for a mother while her son was in ICU
  • Babysitting services for younger children of parents while child in NICU
  • Gas and food for family traveling from Orangeburg to Charleston for
    special surgery and recovery
  • Transportation for a family to travel to Ohio for surgery and recovery
    from a rare childhood disease
  • Funeral expenses for a family that lost their daughter in a car accident
  • Food for the family and celebration of life for a mother that died in a car

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